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Dr. Kirk Beatty


Dr. Don Kirk Beatty, Datatech’s President and CEO, is a member of the 2016 cohort for the Leadership Studies doctoral program at North Carolina A&T State University. Dr. Beatty pursued a dissertation track of Women in Leadership, and specifically ethnic gender diversity in the corporate boardroom. Dr. Beatty successfully defended his dissertation of An Exploration of the Path for African American Women to and the Diversification of the Corporate Boardroom on October 1, 2020, realizing the completion of his Ph.D. in Leadership Studies for the fall of 2020.

Links to Dr. Beatty's dissertation and defense presentation can be found at the Media Page.

Find Dr. Beatty's board credentials here.

Dr. Beatty joins Denise Cooper for Closing the Gap to discuss the journey to his PhD and the lights that came on.
Episode 34.


Dr. Beatty's book, LEADERSHIP: Papers and Perspectives from My PhD Experience, contains the below writings. Order your copy from Outskirts Press or Amazon.

Leadership Theories, Fall 2016

  • Personal Perspectives on the Subject of Leadership (open)

  • Key Leadership Questions for the African American Woman's Presence in the Boardroom

  • A Contemporary Perspective on Leadership


Women and Leadership, Spring 2017

  • A Critique of Servant-Leadership

  • Political Leadership

  • Epiphany Related to Women and Leadership (open)


Ethics and Social Responsbility, Spring 2017

  • A Reflective Essay of Thad Williamson on Plato's Republic on Leadership

  • Necessity Argument and Better than Average Effect for Rule-Breaking Behavior

  • Are Leaders Ever Justified in Breaking the Rules

  • A Consideration of Ethics and Social Responsibility for the Absence of the African American Woman in the Corporate Boardroom


Decision-Making, Fall 2017

  • Literature Review of Gender and Decision-Making


Qualitative Research, Fall 2017

  • Experiences of African American Women in Crafting Networks for Corporate Board Selection



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