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Leading leadership to realize maximum potential

DKBeatty provides advisory services leveraging more than 30 years of strategic leadership expertise. DKBeatty provides customized, value added solutions to assist the boardroom, the C-suite, entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate leadership overall to realize maximum potential for individual success and organizational strategic initiatives promoting long-term profitability. DKBeatty is the initiative of Datatech's founder Don Kirk Beatty resulting from Dr. Beatty's Leadership Studies Ph.D. experience at North Carolina A&T State University. At A&T Dr. Beatty focused on women in leadership and, more specifically, African American/Black women and the corporate boardroom. Dr. Beatty's dissertation is titled An Exploration of the path for African American Women to and the Diversification of the Corporate Boardroom. Learn more at the Media page.

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See our Media page for Dr. Beatty's work regarding boardrooms and women in leadership.

See our Leadership page for Dr. Beatty's Papers and Perspectives from his Ph.D. experience.

Dr. Beatty joins Denise Cooper for Closing the Gap to discuss the journey to his PhD and the lights that came on. See Episode 34.

Contact us for more information on how we can assist your organization in realizing the talents of all your associates.

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