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Drive technology solutions...

to integrate yesterday's legacy...

with today's global mobility.

Technology Services: Overview

Case Studies

Modernization Assessment



  • Assessed Strategy to move away from ADABAS/Natural due to costs and risks.



  • Found ROI for the circumstances to be unacceptable.

  • Alternatively, found a technology and maintenance footprint reduction, and therefore realizable costs savings available.



  • Recommended a 4-point strategy.

  • 66% cost reduction over 12-24 month period that also reduced risks.

  • Client better positioned for modernization and elimination of the technology.

ADABAS/Natural Legacy Modernization



  • Project Management, Legacy Modernization, Application Integration, Data Integration, Life Cycle Management (LCM).



  • 5 onsite, 24 offshore personnel.



  • Eliminated a multi-million dollar recurring maintenance expense.

  • Reduction of risks and costs for system upgrades, technical expertise, security exposures.

  • 27-month, $4 million project completed on time, in scope and within budget.




  • Provided Chief Technology Officer Services.

  • Facilitated the client's leadership to align business strategy with a technological capability and vision to deliver lean manufacturing solutions.



  • Leadership and strategies for:

    • The environment hierarchy, infrastructure, IT solutions development, data integration, client implementations and support, personnel and planning for risks and growth.



  • Aligned the client's business strategy with their technological capabilities and vision

ERP Project Management



  • Project management and technical team for application development, data integration, production support and maintenance.



  • Identified and realized efficiencies and improvements for the enterprise-scaled manufacturing ERP solution including resolution of data integrity issues.



  • Supported an ERP solution to facilitate a quicker and more profitable response to changing market conditions.

  • sought to extend existing manufacturing flexibility to better excel at mass customization.

Technology is an integral part of any business strategy.  Business and technology decision-making must be unified at every level within an organization.  With a proven track record, Datatech‘s team of highly skilled professionals and our onsite, onshore, and/or offshore delivery models can help you realize your business goals by ensuring that your strategy is aligned with the cybersecurity and technology you deploy.


Datatech offers technology consulting to support enterprises during the entire project development lifecycle. Whether project design, risks assessment, or programming, Datatech provides comprehensive project management services from planning to deployment.


Our project teams offer a wide array of technical expertise comprised of project managers, solution architects, business analysts, and developers. Whether you need project management for the entire lifecycle or just for specific phases, or you need an entire project team of just selected consultants, Datatech can support your entire project needs.


Explore our Technology Services to see how Datatech can enhance your business.

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