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Technology Services: e-Waste & Recycling

Datatech has partnered with a national R2 certified organization for data security, asset management, and electronic recycling. With our R2 certified recycler, you are assured your e-waste remains safe, secure, and recycled properly with a zero landfill policy.  Also, Datatech's recycling partner will donate a portion of proceeds to selected non-profits Datatech identifies, and your organization will receive recognition if so desired.

Recycling includes:


  • Sensitive Data - Secure asset management of your sensitive data by certifying hard drives and other data containing devices are physically destroyed.

  • Hard Drives - Safely destroyed and recycled using Department of Defense approved methods.

  • Medical - Lad and medical electronics including EKGs, MRIs, CAT Scans, X-Rays, monitors, and more.

  • Military - All military and aviation electronics including communication and navigation equipment, weapons control systems, and more


Please contact us to move forward with your recycling needs.

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