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How Blog Articles Can Benefit Your Business

I personally think blogs and articles, posted to your website are a great way to draw people in. As a business owner or marketing person, you want to showcase that you know what you’re talking about or you have good value to give to your customer. You can share update, tutorials, your story, insights to your business and industry, helpful tips and tricks, relative value-adding content, and so on. Your blog page will be a place they can come and learn about you and your company, as well as connect with you. With a blog page, your personality can come through and feel more authentic when sharing information. This allows your audience to feel like they know you and know what you’re all about. I feel like an important aspect to any business is to always be on the same level as your target market, never being too big to not care about the people who propel your business further.

With a blog or article page, you can easily tell your business story. Who are you? What’s your end goal? How did you get here? Perhaps what you’re doing to make a difference in the world. Share your passions and your why. Not only that, but write about the progress or updates on your business. This is a great way to just talk to your customers about what makes you you. The more people feel like they know about your business, the more they feel they understand or even the more they can relate to what you’re about, then the more they can get behind you and support a cause they’re also passionate about.

Also, share relative content with your target market that will benefit them. For example, if you run a hiking shoe business, a great topic to write on is the ten most popular hikes from your area. This isn’t screaming at your customers saying “HEY you need to buy my shoes!!” its saying, “Hey, let me tell you in a value-adding way how you can enjoy your shoes and experience something great you may not have found out”. Or if these people aren’t customers yet, because of the positive impact or mindset you left them with, they’re more inclined to buy from you next because you connected with their values. Relative content adds value to your customers life while supporting your business but not screaming at them or always trying to pitch a product or service. You’re helping your customers out, offering them value, and you care more about them rather than just getting their money.

Not only this, but share what you know about your industry and the kind of business you’re in. I’m a photographer. If I share a simple blog about what aperture or shutter speed is, I’m not giving away business secrets but explaining I have an education and experience with a camera and you can trust me to know how to work all the elements of my device. I could even write about the style of my photography and why I go for that certain look with all my photos. People will see your content and know that you have knowledge in your field and that you’re a real person who offers a real product or service. In that sense, blogs can build trust and reliability for you and your company.

Blog posts can be a great way to draw people to your website even if they’re not initially interest in buying your products or using your services. With blog posts, you can market without feeling like you’re just advertising or always throwing sales pitches. People don’t feel forced to be there and your offering topics that they’re interest in, they can use later, and understand you better. They may not buy then, but they are more likely to think of you when they do need your product or service in the future. If you enjoy writing, sharing your helpful tips and tricks, and/or connecting with people, this might be something you could do for your business.

If you found this blog helpful and are interested in marketing topics like this, check back in with me every week! Have a great day!

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