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Don't Let the Fear of Bad Posts Hold You Back

This week I want to talk to you about something a little different, and that’s the fear of a bad post. I know just starting out with a business you’re thinking to yourself what do I post, what if what I do post isn’t good enough, how am I going to come up with something every day to post? I know, I sure felt this way and hand tons of questions. Millions of uncertainties and concerns are running through your head. The message I want to get across today is don’t let that uncertainty or fear of not being good enough hold you back when it comes to social media posts.

No post is a bad post until after it is posted and your insights are drastically lower than that of normal posts. Or as time goes on, you see this post didn’t perform as well. But you won’t ever know that unless you post it. Should you decide that it was a bad post, Instagram and other platforms offer an “archive” feature where its removed from the public but now under your “archive” folder still with its data. YouTube allows you to “private” a video as well. Unfortunately, at the moment Facebook doesn’t offer this feature. But you can still save your own data in a document and delete the post from the public eye. Long story short, you can always remove the post in some way later, should you decide you no longer like it.

Now, there are some posts to watch out for when posting to social media. Generally, my rules are no political posts, no religious posts, no hateful or clearly inappropriate posts, and no cussing. For your business these rules might be slightly different. You could have a very religious business, Chick-fil-a has been successful with this tactic. Or you could be a political based business. Or you could have a business based on the controversial topics of today. If you are in one of these areas, of course adapt your guidelines to fit. On this note, I do think it’s important to establish these guidelines or things of the such before handing posting off to a social media manager or assistant, or also for yourself if you manage your own social. It’s a good idea to establish your boundaries before creating a posting plan.

Once you see posts that don’t do so well, you then can start catering more to your audience and what they like. But you have to go through the trial and error phase to really know what the perfect type of posts are for your business. Posting “bad posts” allow you to learn and gather valuable data. A post you think is bad might actually turn out to be a hit, and one you think is amazing doesn’t do as well as you hoped. There’s no one right way to manage a social media account and posts. It’s all about what works best for you and the people that follow and support you.

This is something I think we might all be still trying to grasp and navigate. I hope this blog offered you some support and helped you think differently in relation to your fears about posting. My name is Mikayla Quinn, I offer marketing consulting, tips, and help. All the blogs you see on Datatech’s page are topics that I can help you or your business with. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to reach out to us. Have a great day!

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