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Social Media: Posts on Platforms

This week I want to talk about social media for businesses and what posts work better on what platforms. Everything I’m going to be mentioning will be my opinion based on my experience working with my different clients. I have a client that’s a startup in the food industry, a client that’s been in business for 24 years in the IT and business services industry, and a 5-year-old photography business. Each one of these has a platform that gives them the best results and then types of posts that work best for them.

The platforms that I work with and will be focusing on are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. There are other platforms that could be beneficial to a business such as twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and even Snapchat but my companies don’t focus on these at the moment.

First, we’ll start with my IT and business services client. This is a small B2B company that relies on the personal connections it makes with people and good references to bring in most of its revenue. From our last video, we call this relationship marketing. This company’s goal is to then transfer that same idea and strategy to social media platforms. For this company, we have found LinkedIn is a wonderful platform to utilize and communicate with others on. LinkedIn is a website for professional businessmen and women to network and connect together. For the younger generation, it operates similar to Facebook with a more professional and business vibe. LinkedIn offers business pages, groups, job postings, and many other features. For people you can showcase all your business skills, experience, education, and link up to your employers and businesses. As a company on LinkedIn you can post job offerings, articles, photos to grab attention, and videos. For LinkedIn successful post are eye catching social graphics talking about your business, the sharing of articles or blog posts with trending or relative topics, business milestones and celebrations, and post collaborating with another business.

Moving along to our startup company in the food industry! This company is currently building their audience and customer base, so we want to go where there’s a lot of people and normal everyday consumers. For them, this platform is Facebook. Facebook allows you to have a more personal connection with your customers and showcase your company culture. Facebook offers groups that can be specific to your target market and industry, its important to utilize this feature to slip your company in but be careful of trying to sell your company. Facebook offers many features for a business page and also analytics to help you see the performance of said business. It offers the ability to run an advertisement or boost and promote a post to a larger audience. You can post customer events on Facebook, check into a location, ask a question and set up a poll, post a video and add it to a series or playlist, have albums of pictures, offer a donating option on a community post, have a shop right on Facebook and so on. Facebook is designed to benefit companies from several different industries.

But what works best on it? Videos. Live videos at that! People want to see you, want to interact with the face of the business, see what you’re all about, and connect with you on that level. The Algorithm on Facebook very clearly promotes this type of posts, allows people to join together for watch parties, and then will save that video so people can come back and watch later. Watch parties, chat times, quick updates, informative talks, tutorials and so on will greatly promote your business. If you’re too shy to do a live or not ready for a live stream, longer videos like this one also do well on Facebook and are a good second option.

Lastly the photography company. This one is close as Facebook and Instagram are neck and neck most of the time. Facebook has more business features and normally a larger reach, but with a nice-looking photo and tags more people might view it on Instagram than Facebook. Since we already talked about Facebook, let focus now on Instagram. Instagram is quite similar for a business page as it is for a celebrity page and so on. The key with Instagram, besides the attractive money shot everyone loves is stories and short, under a minute videos. Instagram allows you to post a story and ask questions, create a poll, tag a location or someone else, create a countdown, donate to an organization, embed links, and so on. They want you directly talking and communicating with the following you’ve built. The more followers you get and continuously communicate with, the more Instagram will promote you. If you post a short video to your account, the algorithm will also favor that and promote it on the search page. Any business that is picture based or can show a lot of personal, eye catching or attractive photos will do well on Instagram.

Ultimately, which platform works better for you company is the one that offers the features you are looking for with the environment your company model can thrive in. Your experience can be different than mine but I hope this glimpse into my clients helps you with yours!

If you enjoyed this blog lets us know! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask those as well! Stay tuned to our website for blogs like this every week. Have a great day!

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