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Why I Always Include A Location On All My Business Posts

Today I want to talk about why I include a location on every post. I do this for every business I work with in every industry serving all kinds of customers, near and far. Most businesses are specific to a location and their target market is from a specific location. Service business will always need to include a location because they will only serve their area. This makes it so much easier for potential clients to find them. If you can work remotely however, this isn’t as important. But even if location isn’t specific to your target market and you don’t have a physical store front of office location, it’s still important for online companies to think about location too. You will still need to communicate with people and time zones as well as the lifestyles from different areas will make a difference. Location also affects things such as sales tax requirements, business laws, shipping, and the amount of time it takes between placing an order and receiving it.

Location can be important to a customer because they now have more facts to base their expectations on. Not only that, but there’s a big push to shop small and shop local so that you can support your own community, family, and friends. There are also customers who want to buy specifically from US companies who sell only US products. The idea here is that they can cut down on imports, eliminate the risk of buying an item produced in an unethical sweatshop, and to them have a safer alternative. If you don’t include location, people don’t know these small but possibly important facts to them.

There are two platforms that I use with my businesses that give me this option: Instagram and Facebook. Both platforms offer this option on their stories and their posts. You can tag a city, county or business address. This allows your posts to be mor easily discovered on the search page for potential close by customers. Also, if someone happens to be curious about a location and is searching a city or town, your post and business will pop up.

Including a location on every post is something extremely small that people might not think about. But it could be a key way others can find your business. For those customers where location is extremely important, you have now given a vital piece of information that could make the different between whether or not they choose you. If something is an option on a post, I will always try to take advantage of it. It’s never going to do any harm to include it. Hopefully this blog gave you some insight and encouraged you to find the missing piece in being able to reach your customers. This blog was short, but I have many more business things to cover with you all so stay tuned every Wednesday for more helpful marketing blogs like this one. Have a great day!

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